Congratulations to the following candidates who were either unopposed or who achieved victory in the June 23rd primary and move forward to the General Election in November!

Joseph Morelle

US Representative - CD 25

Jamie Romeo

County Clerk

Chris Ciacco

Surrogate Court Judge

Meredith Vacca 

County Court Judge

Samra Brouk

NYS Senate District 55

ChaRon Sattler-Leblanc

NYS Assembly District 133

Mike Ansaldi 

Pittsford Town Justice




Happy Hour

September 14th, 8pm

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Committee Mtg.

September 23rd, 7pm

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Final Roadside Clean-up


2020 News

The Pittsford Democratic Committee stands in solidarity with the family of Daniel Prude, with families with loved ones of color, with families with loved ones with behavioral and mental health issues, with ALL FAMILIES who fear that a call for help will be met with inhumane or violent treatment. 

How we spend our money reflects what we value. At this time, governmental budgets do not align with our priorities. The Department of Public Safety encompasses so much more than law enforcement. They are charged with keeping every person safe and healthy in our homes, in our places of work, and in our neighborhoods. 

We must rethink how we fund mental and behavioral healthcare services, substance abuse treatment, and domestic violence and intimate partner violence prevention. Public safety is about keeping every person safe, especially the most vulnerable. We need more providers and more care options. We need to deploy trained medical and mental health professionals in response to emergency calls for behavioral health distress. A safe community is one that meets the needs of every person. A safe community is one where no one fears asking for help. 

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