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Notices Around Town

Election Day is NOVEMBER 2nd !

There are a lot of changes coming with voting in Monroe County. Early voting at multiple voting sites, varying times, early registration for 17 yr olds, etc. Here is a site that might help you and your neighbors keep up with the changes. Let's Get Out the Vote!!!!!

Big need for Election Inspectors to cover all these voting sites and times. If interested email Sandy Citarella at

Policy Statement: Pesticide Use on Town Property

The Town of Pittsford routinely uses synthetic pesticides on their public lands and playing fields. Since 2011, the New York State Child Safe Playing Fields Act has prohibited the use of these pesticides on school grounds. As a community, we should limit our children’s exposure to pesticides. We call on elected leaders to. eliminate the routine use of synthetic pesticides on public lands and town playing fields in concert with the 2011 Safe Playing Fields Act. We also call on local homeowners and businesses to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides on their private property. If you'd like to learn more about this effort, visit Pesticide Free Pittsford on Facebook. Or contact community organizer Mary at

Did you know? The largest number of registered voters in Pittsford are Democrats*

7,395 Democrats(Up 22% from 2009)                                                                   6,634 Republicans

5,178 Independence

* Source: Monroe County Board of Elections, Aug. 2019

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