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Pittsford Democratic Committee Statement of Values

Democracy: We support government that promotes the welfare of Pittsford residents, our overall Rochester community, New York State, and our nation. We believe in fair elections, transparency and accessibility in government, and the just and equal application of laws for all. We enthusiastically encourage participation in the political process.

Community : We care for our neighbors -- including immigrants in pursuit of the American dream. We prioritize equal access to quality education and housing, affordable health care, and we support strong businesses that provide good paying jobs with living wages.

Equity: We believe every person deserves equal access to all that our community has to offer, and we work to dismantle barriers and provide individuals with support to succeed. We work toward being an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and where all residents feel valued and welcomed.

Environmental Sustainability: We believe that it is the responsibility of individuals, businesses, and government to actively protect our environment, including our air, water, land, and ecology. We promote the education of community stakeholders and will hold each other accountable to such standards.

PDC is committed to electing democratic leaders who share our values and who will use their position and influence to strengthen our community by ensuring that it is equitable and accessible for all.

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